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Tandoori Town

Tandoori Town, the foundation of our food begins with the best ingredients.


The Tandoori Town

Our Delicious Story

Tandoori Town, the foundation of our food begins with the best sorted Indian Spices as our main ingredients. Preparing these quality ingredients with respect, Passion and our expert cooks gives our cuisine its  best regional flavour & Taste now available in Surrey.

Featured Delicacies

Fresh From the Tandoor

Tandoori Chicken

Whole chicken marinated with yogurt and Indian spices, roasted in Clay Oven. Served with green chutney and salad.

Karahi Chicken

Chicken cooked with onions, tomatoes, sweet peppers, mushrooms and thick gravy.

Chicken Seekh Kebab

Minced chicken marinated with onion  ginger and Indian spices. Roasted in Clay Oven. Served with green chutney and salad.

Tawa Goat

 Mutton with bones cooked with onions, tomatoes, sweet pepper, thick gravy.

Shahi Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked with onions, ginger garlic and cashew gravy.

Fish Pakora

 Fish marinated with ginger,garlic, spices, corn starch, and chana flour. Deep fried.

Expert of the Best Tandoori food Surrey | Tandoori Town

From helping restaurants of every size to enabling eaters to find and engage the perfect table for every moment, our story is one of human connection – between diners and restaurants, and between restaurants and their communities between.
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You can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes at our Indian restaurant in Surrey. Specializing in tasty and best tandoori food in surrey and curry dishes, you can either dine in our warm and welcoming restaurant or serve warm, homemade food that is brought directly to your door.

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Why People Love Our Food

One of the keys behind the delicious flavor of tandoori chicken comes from the tandoor, which refers to the particular type of oven in which this dish – and many other Indian dishes – is cooked. we have just started serving the surrey and response from people in surrey is overwhelming. we are thankful to surrey for its love for our food.